What makes a website crash?

Ever gone through a website that couldn’t load? or you were unable to access what you wanted from the website? For the past 6 days, I have been unable to access my results on my school’s website. It made me understand how totally annoying it could be. Imagine an E-commerce website not being accessible and the number of customers lost.

I wanted to understand why a website crashes and the possible solutions that could be provided. When a website crashes, it means that it stops serving data. For example, I am unable to view my results on my school’s website, which is the data I wanted to have access to. When a website crashes, the resources on the sites, such as images, blogs, or videos, become unavailable to the users.

When a website crashes, it means something went wrong. There are so many reasons why a website crashes or goes down. It includes reasons like, if the network the website uses to send data goes down, if the site uses a database and the database goes away, if the website has more connections than it can handle, if the website is running codes that contains bugs, if the website runs out of memory.

Having a crashed website can have a range of negative consequences, which includes, negative user experience, a drop in the company’s reputation and credibility, reduced search engine rankings, and lost revenue. One of the many solutions to fixing a crashed website, is to get an experienced developer. The developer must conduct a careful analysis of where the code issue may be, in order to get the site back up and running.



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